Our school believes that all children are individuals; every child unique. Development in children can be observed, recorded and analyzed. Our school programs are comprehensive and individualized. Our intent is to validate and promote the integrity and uniqueness of each child’s learning potential.

The developmental philosophy can explain how children think and learn differently at various ages and stages of development. Developmental theories recognize and support the individual differences in children’s learning processes. Children’s personality traits and behaviors often coincide with educational frameworks that support learning style differences. Developmental learning processes are unique to the individual child. Children process information, observations and perceptions as well as construct their own associations and conceptual frameworks. Children integrate neurological stimuli through their senses and emotions. Educational programs for children have an ethical and moral obligation to operate within a framework that supports each child as an individual. The developmental approach supports and promotes learning potential.

Progressive Schoolhouse is an educational facility that caters to the student’s unique learning style and potential. The school’s educational approach has been modeled from a developmental framework of scientific research and theory. The arts have been integrated into the school’s programs and provide opportunity for the students to express themselves and strengthen their learning experience. The arts play a critical role in the development of “the whole child”. The school's approach is comprehensive, individualized, experiential and success oriented.

The Progressive Schoolhouse models an educational approach where students excel in learning. This model is based on the work of many scientists and educators.