Afternoon Academic and Tutorial Program

Tutorial services are offered Monday through Thursday throughout the calendar year. Individualized and comprehensive, these programs are scheduled and contracted one month at a time. Each session is one hour and fifteen minutes long. Sessions run 3:15 – 4:30, and 4:30 – 5:45. Parents can choose to consult with the staff member in lieu of tutorial instruction for the first, or last, fifteen minutes of a session.

Comprehensive assessment, evaluation and consultation, provide the necessary cornerstones of each program. The tutorial student’s program is planned to promote and support the goals formulated in the consultation and evaluation process. Subject emphasis can vary, yet learning activity and instruction will be specific and supportive. Homework support can also be a viable reason for tutorial services.

The student’s work portfolio will show evidence of process, Conference and written assessment will compliment and characterize the success of each student’s program.

Fees: $35.00 per session

Contract: monthly; payment to be received in advance of services.

Registration and Enrollment: Parents are required to provide emergency and medical release information. Forms are available in registration packet. Enrollment is open to all students ages 4 –16 and is limited to availability.

Academic K – 9th grades:

Instruction in the following areas is offered:

  • Math
  • Spelling / Vocabulary
  • Reading
  • Science
  • History
  • English Grammar
  • Written Composition
  • Penmanship
  • Spanish
  • Computer Lab
  • World Geography
  • Creative Writing
  • Special Topics of Interest
  • Home School

    “Where home is the student’s classroom, and parent, the primary teacher.”

    Since 1985, The Progressive Schoolhouse has dedicated its services to facilitating and promoting educational program that supports the student’s learning potential, development and models an educational approach that can be observed, recorded and recognized for its mission and vision.

    For twenty years, our school has dedicated itself and maintained an ideal in education that exemplifies the developmental approach in education. Our home school program also operates within the same framework of integrity and vision.

    Our home school program provides comprehensive, individualized program planning and curriculum, weekly instruction, evaluation and assessment, consultation, and opportunities for the student to participate in the school’s classroom, school related events and field-studies. For additional costs, the home school student can also spend time in the classroom, schedule further consultation and instruction time and contract for tutorial service.

    Enrollment is limited.

    Fees: $280.00 per month

    Material Fee: $400.00 per school year (10 calendar months; September – June)

    Monthly tuition is to be paid in advance of services.

    Tuition provides :

  • Individualized program planning and curriculum
  • Individualized instruction and consultation
  • Comprehensive assessment and evaluation
  • In class participation; two full days per month
  • Opportunity to participate in all school related events and field studies
  • Additional Fees of related services and program:

    Tutorial Services: $35.00 per session (scheduled by calendar month)

    Additional Classroom Attendance: $30.00 per day (Monday – Friday; 8:00 – 3:00)